Makeup tools and makeup applicators like makeup brushes are crucial for blending your way to a perfect makeup look. Whether you want a blending brush for blending foundation, baking powder or contouring your face, makeup applicators are your handy essentials in your Korean makeup routine. Stylevana offers a wide range of affordable makeup tools including makeup puff, cushion puff, powder puff, and blush brush for smooth, flawless makeup application. Want that Instagram-worthy contour? A makeup sponge is ideal for sculpting and highlighting so you can achieve the flawless makeup look of your dream. Whether it's a porous sponge or a non-porous one, Stylevana has curated a vast array of makeup sponges ranging in different sizes and shapes that cater to your different makeup needs. Explore an unrivaled selection of makeup blending sponges, applicators, and beauty tools from top K-Beauty brands, and achieve expert makeup application with Stylevana's selection of makeup brushes, sponges, and wedges for blending and other makeup applications.

Makeup Tools & Accessories

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  1. Shiseido - Eyelash Curler 213
    Was €20.31 Price €11.59
  2. MissLady - Eyelash Tool - 1pc
    Was €0.49 Price €0.39
  3. shimoment - Lining Lash Curler - 1ea
    Was €9.23 Price €6.59

Showing 1-12 of 77 results

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