Specialized for Asian women, BIO-ESSENCE launched in 2002 and it has created a beauty philosophy in a natural way. It focuses on natural beauty by using non-artificial ingredients, researching and developing exclusive bio-energy technologies that are compatible with nature. The brand logo of BIO-ESSENCE is composed of two circles representing "BIO Bio-Energy" and "essence active ingredients essence", it shows that the active ingredients can bring the most effective skin effect to skin, making the skin looks more healthier and younger. They are also committed to scientific research and innovation to keep Asian women a healthy and glowing skin at all times. Their products are high quality and safe to use as they are monitored by scientific empirical standards and they have passed different professional certifications, making it suitable for sensitive skin and effective for treating different skin conditions. Their best-selling products include BIO ESSENCE Bio Renew Royal Jelly Toner, BIO ESSENCE Bio Water Cooling Sunscreen, BIO ESSENCE Scar Specialist, BIO ESSENCE Collagen Cream and BIO ESSENCE Miracle Bio Water Soothing Cream. Explore more from BIO-ESSENCE best products at Stylevana!


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