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With beauty trends evolving every day, keeping up with them could put a huge strain on your wallet. Founded in Japan, Koji offers an extensive range of makeup products and accessories at an affordable price to save the day. No matter you are looking for falsies and lash curlers to create that dramatic winged eye look or a simple eyeliner to uplift your everyday makeup look, Japanese beauty brand Koji has you covered. With Koji’s strong offering of mascara, eyeliner, false lashes, and many more eye makeup products, you can choose whatever you want to express yourself for the day or any special occasion. Koji features all the supplies to help you create your dream look – no matter how bold or minimalistic you adore. Check out the eye makeup products offered by Koji at Stylevana, and have fun with ‘choosing your adventure’!


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  1. Koji - Eyelash Fix Adhesive Glue
    Was €4.46 Price €2.99
  2. Koji - Dolly Wink Easy Lash - 1pc
    Was €9.49 Price €7.39
  3. Koji - Dolly Wink My Best Liner - 1PC
    Was €15.71 Price €12.49
  4. Koji - Dolly Wink Long & Volume Mascara
    Was €24.47 Price €20.39
  5. Koji - Nailist Enamel Remover - 100ml
    Was €5.99 Price €4.69
  6. Koji - Push & Catch Curler SV - 1pc
    Was €14.03 Price €11.39
  7. Koji - Fullfit Curler Spare Rubber - 1pc
    Was €35.64 Price €30.39
  8. Koji - Eye Talk Super Waterproof
    Was €16.79 Price €14.19
  9. KOJI - Eyetalk Double Eyelid Glue
    Was €11.02 Price €10.49

Showing 1-12 of 20 results

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