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Kuan Yuan Lian is the top 1 skincare brand in Taiwan. Kuan Yuan Lian shows the world not only high-end products have good quality, but skincare products at an affordable price can also give users their best experience. The mild and moisturizing Luffa toner broke the previous market concept of high-end skincare products and repeatedly set the skincare voting record with this most affordable Luffa toner. Regardless of age, almost every Taiwanese ladies own a bottle of Kuan Yuan Lian’s Luffa toner. All the other skincare products like Aloe Firming Eye Cream, Luffa Hydra Moisturizing Lotion, Aloe Meticulous Water Gel are also some of the bestsellers in their categories. Explore Kuan Yuan Lian’s bestseller collection here at Stylevana and introduce the best Kuan Yuan Lian products to your daily routine for a great transformation!

kuan yuan lian

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  1. Kuan Yuan Lian - Mung Bean Powder
    Was €8.24 Price €6.59
  2. Kuan Yuan Lian - Luffa Gel - 150ml
    Was €6.49 Price €4.79
  3. Kuan Yuan Lian - Luffa Toner - 180ml
    Was €12.49 Price €10.29

8 Items

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