Established in 1949, Pelican Soap is a Japanese beauty label that specializes in producing high-quality bath and body care essentials. This Japanese skincare brand brought its ambition to invent various formulas for its vast library of skincare and body care products that are designed for daily treatments, ranging from facial bar soap, body soap, hair care, skin care products, and hotel amenities. Pelican Soap is well known for its medicated body soap which is good for treating back acne. Bringing you the best Japanese skincare and self-care experience, this Japanese beauty label has over 60 years of experience in manufacturing the best cosmetic products that meet your every need. From curating raw material to professional design, Pelican Soap's range of body care products is crafted for optimum comfort that allows you to indulge in a luxury bath experience. Step up your self-care routine with Pelican Soap's skin care and body care collection to feel spoiled every day.


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  1. PelicanSoap - Medicated Soap For Back
    Was €12.24 Price €9.89
  2. Pelican Soap Work Wonders Set
    Was €25.19 Price €16.89
  3. PelicanSoap - Horse Oil Soap - 80g
    Was €3.12 Price €2.49
  4. PelicanSoap - Outdoor Soap - 80g
    Was €13.43 Price €10.89

Showing 1-12 of 18 results

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