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Started out with a mission to demystify skincare routine, Taiwanese beauty label BFFECT explores and adopts simple, effective ingredients in their skincare products to achieve healthy, flawless skin. BFFECT does not believe in skincare products that require multiple trials and overpayment. As the Taiwanese skincare brand’s name suggested — basic yet effective, the label’s carefully curated skincare products are proven to work magic in treating the skin conditions of different skin types. Developed with sensitive skin type in mind, BFFECT’s potent skincare products feature one of their signature ingredients — anti-allergy and antibacterial Bisabolol — to alleviate sensitized skin. From AHA serum to anti-acne essence, luz essence and more, we like to think of BFFECT’s extensive face serum and face essence range as a sensitive skin savior and being a perfect edit to declutter any complicated, fancy skincare routine with simple ingredients and promising results.


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  1. Bffect - Luz Whitening Essence - 30ml
    Was €25.91 Price €21.59
  2. Bffect - Brio Peptide Eye Serum - 30ml
    Was €26.51 Price €22.09

9 Items

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