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BCL entered the cosmetics business as a division of Sony Creative Products Inc in 1979 and it debuted in 1996 and started as a Japanese beauty brand which aims to promote beauty and skin care products to meet the modern woman's need. It first launched the Cleansing Research line, AHA, followed by the department store brand, VECUA and also the Restgenol skincare brand to target banded pores. In 2011, it merged with a new company called StylingLife Holdings Inc and it renamed to StylingLife Holdings BCL Company, in the meanwhile, the VECUA Honey line has been launched. BCL contains a wide range of beauty products, from skin care products cosmetic products. Their best-selling product include BCL Browlash EX Water Strong W Eyebrow Pencil & Liquid, BCL Saborino Morning Mask, BCL Ladit Mirrorless Tint Rouge, BCL-Tsururi Polishing Scrub Soap For Foot and BCL Browlash Neo Perfect Fit Gel Liner. Explore what is the best for you from BCL at Stylevana!


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  1. BCL - Saborino Morning Mask
    Was €8.37 Price €6.69
  2. BCL - Saborino Night Mask
    Was €24.87 Price €16.59
  3. BCL - Browlash EX Slim Gel Pencil
    Was €14.16 Price €13.89
  4. BCL - Momo Puri Jelly Mask
    Was €12.04 Price €8.99

Showing 1-12 of 65 results

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