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"Be Brave As I Am". BBIA is the makeup brand that helps you express dependent and free-spirted self. We develop products based on new ideas that are irreplaceable. BBIA owns product lines with various concepts according to the needs of the customers and product features to present various experience to the customer and offering new experience through collaboration. BBIA is known for its bestselling Auto Gel eyeliner, Last Velvet lip tint, and Neverdie Mascara. Also we prioritize the safety of our customer and pursue sustainable beauty. Since 1997, we have been developing our own brand and selling cosmetic products on online store. To offer reasonable price to achieve competitiveness, we streamlined the complicated distribution process and focused on direct sales between producers and consumers online, We are dedicated to being a beauty brand that provides high quality products using online channels. Make BBIA your latest K-Beauty addition that will allow you to explore and experiment with different Korean makeup looks. Discover more about BBIA with Stylevana.


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  1. BBIA- Last Auto Gel Eyeliner
    Was €6.60 Price €4.59
  2. BBIA- Over Glaze Stick - 1.7g
    Was €11.63 Price €8.99
  3. BBIA - L'eau Tint - 4.5g
    Was €13.28 Price €9.49
  4. BBIA- Last Powder Lipstick - 3.5g
    Was €8.52 Price €5.89
  5. BBIA - Essential Eye Palette - 8.5g
    Was €24.82 Price €17.69
  6. BBIA- Last Pen Eyeliner - 0.6g
    Was €7.42 Price €6.49

Showing 1-12 of 37 results

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