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Hailed as the "wonder plant" for your skin, aloe vera has become one of the most common forms of skin treatments to treat inflammation and dryness. A naturally nutritious source filled with ample hydration and nourishment, aloe vera is a water-rich succulent that features thick, juicy pulps. Known for its soothing and hydrating properties, aloe vera gel skincare products mostly consist of slimy aloe vera goop packed with vitamins A and C, antioxidants and enzymes, to treat acne on treat oily skin, heal dehydrated patches on dry skin, and calm combination skin. Aloe vera gel skincare products, such as aloe vera soothing gel, aloe vera lotion, and aloe vera face mist, are also highly recommended as a must-have for summer skincare routine (and also body care) specifically for healing sunburnt or sun-damaged skin and helping you achieve acne scar-free, glowing skin. Researches have shown that aloe vera is a naturally great moisturizer and boasts a number of anti-inflammatory elements as well as some antibacterial components. It also helps wound healing and skin regeneration in general. Explore the wide range of aloe vera skincare products here at Stylevana to find your next skin-soothing hero.

Aloe Vera

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Showing 1-12 of 27 results

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Due to its soothing, moisturizing, and cooling properties, aloe vera is often used to treat various skin conditions, including acne, eczema, and sunburn.
You can spot-treat your acne breakout areas, leave the aloe vera topical skincare products on overnight, and wash it off in the morning to reduce redness and irritation.
Aloe vera has antibacterial properties that can help control and reduce acne-causing bacteria, which can speed up the process of skin healing to achieve smooth, clear skin.
Aloe vera contains aloin, a natural depigmenting compound that has been shown to lighten skin and work effectively as a nontoxic hyperpigmentation treatment after prolonged use. However, it won't completely remove dark spots.
Aloe vera contains molecules called sterols which promote the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the body, making fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable.
Rubbing aloe vera into your scalp and hair and letting it penetrate your hair follicles could condition and improve damaged, dry hair. After letting it sit for an hour, rinse the gel off with a mild shampoo.
Aloe vera can be used around the eyes to help heal or repair damaged skin, relieve swelling or puffiness, and moisturize dry or flaky skin.
Aloe vera is an effective anti-inflammatory ingredient, and can serve as an antioxidant that fights free radicals.
Aloe Vera is beneficial in removing the dead cells and moisturizing the skin. Evidence proves that Aloe Vera promotes the elasticity of skin, making the skin glow naturally and supple.
Aloe vera has soothing, healing, and anti-inflammatory properties that make it ideal for treating skin conditions, including chapped lips.
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