CHAHONG Products

With consumers and beauty brands becoming more and more environmentally conscious, CHAHONG is a Korean haircare brand that has been stepping up to harness the power of nature to create hair care products that leave no harm to the people and nature surrounding us. Driven by the label’s philosophy of creating a better future with a sense of duty by practicing in the right direction, CHAHONG works with its experts to develop healthy hair care products with a distinct aesthetic. CHAHONG’s love for nature is not only embodied in its hair care product formulas but also manifests in the brand’s packaging and operation. CHAHONG’s products are packaged with only eco-friendly materials such as paper buffer and starch adhesive which can recyclable. The label also promises to donate a portion of the proceeds from all its products to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) while practicing the World Wildlife Fund’s Joint Declaration of Plastic ACTion (PACT). Impart your love for nature to your hair care stash by shopping CHAHONG’s products today at Stylevana.


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