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MUJI is a Japanese brand founded in 1980. Its origin can be traced back to the complete optimization of the manufacturing process with the goal of producing simple, low-cost, high-quality goods. They re-examined items based on three concepts in particular: Selection of Materials, Streamlining of Processes, and Simplification of Packages. In stark contrast to the market's current over-embellished products, MUJI's products received widespread acclaim and sent shockwaves not only throughout Japan but throughout the world. More than 1,000 MUJI stores could be found around the world, with over 7,000 items ranging from apparel to household goods to food and even houses. They provide different skin care products like Sensitive Skin Toning Water and Sensitive Skin Moisturising Milk. Explore more bestselling items of MUJI here at Stylevana and let MUJI help you enhance your skincare routine.


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  1. MUJI - Mild Oil Cleansing - 400ml
    Was €29.15 Price €22.29
  2. MUJI - Mild Oil Cleansing - 200ml
    Was €14.39 Price €11.99
  3. MUJI - Portable Eyelash Curler - 1pc
    Was €7.12 Price €5.69

6 Items

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