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What makes the best companion to any outfit? Jewelry, especially a pair of earrings; no outfits cannot be completed with a pair of earrings. From stud earrings to long chainlinks, drop styles, exaggerated hoops, and statement sculptural designs, earrings of different lengths, materials, and designs can effortlessly update any looks. Experiment with different styles of earrings and various earring trends to figure out what works for you and your taste. You may find yourself gravitating toward specific styles of earrings — be it minimalistic or decorated with faux pearls, faux jades, or strass. One of the fun parts of styling earrings is mix and match; although most earrings come in a pair, who says you cannot wear them mismatched. Even if you own the same pair of earrings with your besties, how you mix and match them, and style them with your outfit will make those earrings a unique pair to your outfits. Explore the earrings offered at Stylevana.


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