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Inspired by Nordic culture, Gilla8 is a Korean skincare brand that strives to go ‘beyond the limit’ and focuses on the revival beauty cycle. Exploring the coexistence of people and nature, Gilla8 combines scientific research and environmental consciousness to create an extensive collection of plant-based skincare products. With the consideration of how external stressors impact the skin – drying out the skin and inducing irritation, Gilla8 determines to create products that are gentle but effective enough to address different skin concerns. The Dual Super Power Radiance Cream targets dark spots and wrinkles to rejuvenate the skin. The Damask Rose Extra Radiance Facial Toner is a gentle formula that hydrates the skin and removes dead skin cells for a brighter, smoother result. The Dual Super Power Calming Essence Booster helps address blemishes, enlarged pores, and age spots. The skincare products from Gilla8 go on. Indulge your skin and explore Gilla8’s skincare products at Stylevana.


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