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Powered by effective plant ingredients and perfected by in-depth research, IOPE carefully curates its skincare and makeup products with outstanding biotechnology to offer optimal solutions for various skin conditions. Claiming itself as a lab-based functional skincare brand, Korean beauty label IOPE combines the strong vitality of super plants and precise analysis of different skin concerns to offer skin-friendly, effective skincare and makeup products. The Vitamin C 23 embodies IOPE’s success in stabilizing pure vitamin C 23%, proven to improve skin texture, firmness, and skin tone in just seven days. The Super Vital line-up of IOPE is also one of the Korean beauty label’s best-sellers, which harnesses the super plant Selaginella to nourish and revive the skin from deep within. IOPE not only advocates its research knowledge in its skincare products but also its makeup products, such as the Air Cushion Cover, the Super Vital Cushion, and the Perfect Cover Cushion. Get your IOPE skincare and makeup products at Stylevana now.


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  1. IOPE - Bio Conditioning Essence - 168ml
    Was €67.42 Price €59.99
  2. IOPE - UV Sheild Outdoor Sun Patch - 4ea
    Was €34.19 Price €27.89
  3. IOPE - Pro Peeling Soft Gel - 100ml
    Was €24.95 Price €20.79

6 Items

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