The Body Shop

Started in 1976, The Body Shop was once a little green shop in Brighton with the determination to create something revolutionary. Not settling as an average beauty brand in one’s bathroom or on one’s shelf, The Body Shop sets out to fight for more and strive to change society – a fairer, more beautiful world. Driven by a good force, The Body Shop has empowered women and girls all over the world for decades to discover beauty. Distinguishing itself from the rest of the beauty players in the industry, The Body Shop creates its beauty and body care products with simple, ethically sourced, and naturally-based ingredients from around the world. What The Body Shop offers is not only a beauty product but a beauty ritual that allows women and girls to celebrate their beauty. The Body Shop also never tests their products on animals or exploits workers in making them. Discover The Body Shop product at Stylevana!

The Body Shop

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