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Famous for its 100% camellia oil created in 1927, Japanese hair care brand Oshima Tsubaki has been loved over the years and continues to explore and expand its product range with this hero ingredient. The 100% natural plant oil captures the essence of camellias with the help of advanced refinement technology for stabilization. The Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Oil can be used not only on your hair but also to care for your face and body. A tiny drop would replenish vitality to your scalp and hair strands; plump and firm skin with soft suppleness. Oshima Tsubaki expands from its hero product 100% Camellia Oil to Hair Water, EX Essence Oil, Hair Cream Light, Hair Essence, and many more to offer treatments and solutions from head to toe. Give your hair, face, and body some TLC by incorporating Oshima Tsubaki’s product into your daily routine. Shop Oshima Tsubaki’s products now at Stylevana.


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  1. OSHIMA TSUBAKI - Hair Water - 180ml
    Was €14.51 Price €12.09
  2. OSHIMA TSUBAKI - Premium Shampoo - 300ml
    Was €21.23 Price €17.69
  3. OSHIMA TSUBAKI - Hair Cream Light - 160g
    Was €15.87 Price €10.49

6 Items

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