Started as a Korean beauty label that focuses on brightening skincare products, MILKYDRESS extends its beauty product lineup from skincare to body care and makeup. Describing its products as a dress for the skin, MILKYDRESS produces their products with a couple of principles — nature-friendly ingredients, no harmful substances, reasonable prices, and being honest to its customers. With its brightening cream being the first acquired patent in Korea, MILKYDRESS features the best-selling Wrinkle & Whitening Eye Cream, which has gel formula made with a rich complex of mistletoe, rock flower, damask rose flower, bearberry leaf and ground cherry fruit extracts. The eye cream provides nutrition and moisture to the delicate eye area to treat fine lines and dark circles. Another start product of MILDRESS is the Lingerie On The Virgin, which takes care of and removes the unpleasant odor of the female’s private part. Give MILKYDRESS’s products a try by shopping at Stylevana now.


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  1. MILKYDRESS - White Virgin - 65g
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