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With the understanding of most women being let down by countless skincare products claiming to be hypoallergenic, safe for skin and effective, FANCL was founded in 1982 on a mission to make 100% preservative-free Japanese skincare products. Japanese beauty label FANCL sets about creating a Japanese skincare line without any harmful ingredients — preservatives, fragrances, artificial colors, and petroleum surfactants. Free of harsh ingredients that will irritate skin, FANCL’s skincare products are carefully formulated to cater to and pamper the sensitive skin type or any sensitized skin conditions. The Japanese brand utilizes pharmaceutical-level technology with quality-sealed packaging to make sure its skincare products are free from bacteria and safe for skin. From soothing cleansing oil, face wash and washing powder to nourishing eye serum, face essence and face emulsion, the Japanese beauty lineup is as effective as it is gentle to soothe sensitive skin. Discover more sensitive skin-friendly skincare products from FANCL at Stylevana now.


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  1. Fancl - Mild Cleansing Oil
    Was €28.07 Price €17.49
  2. Fancl - Washing Powder - 50g
    Was €19.65 Price €17.29
  3. Fancl - Clay Gel Facial Wash - 120g
    Was €20.87 Price €16.69
  4. Fancl - Dual Layer Foaming Ball - 1pc
    Was €3.24 Price €2.59
  5. Fancl - Enrich Emulsion - 30ml
    Was €31.79 Price €26.99
  6. Fancl - Pore Cleansing Pack - 40g
    Was €44.38 Price €38.59
  7. Fancl - Brightening Essence - 18ml
    Was €53.58 Price €46.79

Showing 1-12 of 36 results

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