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Founded with a desire to provide the best quality sheet face masks to women all over the world, Lululun is one of the biggest J Beauty brands that seek out to uncover the best part of your beauty. Developed with potent ingredients that help women maintain a healthy complexion, Lululun specializes in creating sheet face masks that can be used as a daily treatment to solve your skin problems. Much like other K Beauty skin care brand, Lululun is ingredient-conscious and aims to offer exceptional sheet face masks that represent superior J Beauty quality. Suitable for every skin type and every skin problem, Lululun's face masks collection, such as the bestselling Lululun White line, are free from fragrance, artificial coloring, and mineral oil. Using only natural ingredients, Lululun face masks also feature a skin-fitting mask sheet that adopts a unique 3-layer structure with perfect cutting. Browse Lululun's face masks collection and check out all the Lululun reviews here at Stylevana.


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  1. LuLuLun - Hydra-EX Face Mask - 28pcs
    Was €40.47 Price €35.19
  2. LuLuLun - Hydra-EX Face Mask - 7pcs
    Was €14.87 Price €12.39

12 Items

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