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Get the best eyeliner looks with Stylevana's range of Korean eyeliner collection. From waterproof eyeliners, gel eyeliners, pencil eyeliners to more Korean eyeliner options, Stylevana's curation of the eyeliner makeup essentials offers you the perfect opportunity to create the best seasonal makeup look to complement your eyeshadow and makeup look. Be it an intense and dramatic eye makeup look, a smoky eye, or a casual kohl cat eye, you will discover the perfect eyeliner formula that will last the longest and smudge the least. Learn how to apply eyeliner in different eyeliner styles, from winged liner to floating crease liner, to enhance your eyes with sharp and naturally defined eye makeup. Stylevana's coveted Korean makeup collection features an array of eyeliners in a variety of options, including smokey kohl pencils, sparkling glitter eyeliners, gel formulas, and long-lasting waterproof eyeliners from many trending K-Beauty brands. Step up your eye looks start with Stylevana's eyeliner lineup, whatever your style!


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  1. BBIA- Last Auto Gel Eyeliner
    Was €6.71 Price €4.39
  2. Dasique - Mood Slim Liner - 0.12g
    Was €10.25 Price €6.79
  3. MERZY - The First Pen Eyeliner - 0.5g
    Was €7.44 Price €5.59
  4. MERZY - The First Gel Eyeliner - 0.5g
    Was €6.52 Price €4.29
  5. BBIA- Last Pen Eyeliner - 0.6g
    Was €7.55 Price €5.79
  6. ETUDE - Tear Eye Liner - 8g
    Was €10.75 Price €4.59

Showing 1-12 of 87 results

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