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KAINE is a Korean skincare brand named after the Greek word — new. KAINE is a 100% vegan, cruelty-free brand that offers skincare products with carefully selected, natural vegan ingredients. What are the benefits of vegan skincare products? KAINE’s skincare line-up is proven to be stable, effective, and safe to use on the skin with the perfect formula. Driven by the label’s philosophy to promote a healthy, conscious, and coexistent lifestyle, KAINE creates safe and effective skincare formulas that are over 90% EWG Green rating. By ‘coexistence’, KAINE makes sure their product development does not use any animal ingredients and does not test on animals. KAINE also takes its promises a step further to donate a portion of its profits to animal rights organizations to help abandoned animals and support animal welfare. Not just upholding its conscious idea in its skincare formula, KAINE makes its product packaging from recycled plastics and glasses. Explore KAINE’s vegan skincare products at Stylevana today!


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  1. KAINE - Glow Melting Lip Balm - 3.7g
    Was €13.04 Price €7.09
  2. KAINE - Vita Drop Serum - 30ml
    Was €20.49 Price €12.39
  3. KAINE - Green Calm Aqua Cream - 70ml
    Was €21.43 Price €14.19
  4. KAINE - Rosemary AHA Night Serum - 30ml
    Was €20.49 Price €15.29
  5. KAINE - Kombu Barrier Ampoule - 30ml
    Was €20.49 Price €11.59
  6. KAINE - Travel Kit - 1 set (5 items)
    Was €25.15 Price €20.69

Showing 1-12 of 15 results

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