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MERZY believes makeup beauty should help one to find their ‘another me inside’, bringing forward and expressing their internal characteristics and charisma. MERZY creates quality makeup products to meet different makeup needs and contour different facial features with a variety of shade preferences. Infused with a dose of international trends, MERZY’s makeup products encourage everyone to experiment with their makeup creativity and reveal their inner beauty. MERZY has set up its production line in South Korea to make sure its makeup products bring quality and experience beyond the global standard. Designed for every occasion, MERZY offers eyeliners in different formulas with a wide range of colors for different flicks; lip tints with different finishes in a variety of shades to uplift different looks; concealers in different colors to complement different skin tones. Give MERZY’s eyeliner, lip tint, mascara, brow pencil, eyeshadow, and foundation a try by shopping at Stylevana.


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  1. MERZY - The First Pen Eyeliner - 0.5g
    Was €7.45 Price €5.59
  2. MERZY - The First Gel Eyeliner - 0.5g
    Was €6.52 Price €4.29
  3. MERZY - The First Eyeshadow - 1.9g
    Was €8.39 Price €5.89
  4. MERZY - Bite The Beat Mellow Tint - 4g
    Was €11.18 Price €6.19
  5. MERZY - Blur Fit Tint - 6g
    Was €8.39 Price €6.59

11 Items

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