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Meet AMPLE:N, a Korean beauty brand specialized in developing ampoule-based skin care that addresses your skin concerns one ampoule formula at a time. Named after ‘Ampoule’ and ‘N(=and)’, AMPLE:N is launched as the Derma Cosmetic Brand under Coreana Cosmetics. With a philosophy of "Dermo-Ampoulism,” this Korean beauty brand takes pride in curating and scientifically prescribing active ingredients for their line of Korean ampoules which serve as the major solution to solve a variety of skin problems. AMPLE:N draws upon over 30 years of knowledge accumulated by the Coreana Cosmetics Laboratory to introduce a refined ampoule-based regimen for your skincare routine. The Korean brand's range of skincare products is formulated with patented ingredient combinations that are effective in targeting different skin conditions, such as the signature Peeling Shot Ampoule and Peptide Shot Ampoule. Shop AMPLE:N skincare at Stylevana to help you achieve the most radiant skin complexion possible.


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  1. AMPLE:N - Ceramide Shot Ampoule - 100ml
    Was €26.27 Price €18.19
  2. AMPLE:N - Peptide Shot Ampoule
    Was €24.40 Price €20.29
  3. AMPLE:N - Ceramide Shot Ampoule - 30ml
    Was €14.07 Price €9.99
  4. AMPLE:N - Peptide Shot Ampoule 2X - 30ml
    Was €14.07 Price €13.69
  5. AMPLE:N Rescue Kit
    Was €50.67 Price €33.39
  6. AMPLE:N - VC Shot Ampoule
    Was €24.40 Price €17.99
  7. AMPLE:N - Hyaluron Shot Eye Cream - 25ml
    Was €13.13 Price €11.09

Showing 1-12 of 38 results

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