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Lip care is one of the most underrated (and overlooked) beauty steps in our daily routine. Given that the skin on our lips is much thinner than the skin on the other parts of our body, this makes it easier for them to crack and chap under harsh climate, hence making it much more important for us to take extra care of. Adding lip oil to your skincare routine helps keep your delicate lips hydrated and with less chance to get dead cells and flaky skin on the surface of the lips. Lip oils also feature a more lightweight finish with a glossy shine without being too sticky. If you want to achieve the best lip glow of your dream, a nourishing lip oil can help prep your lips with a ready-to-glow allure, especially for dry and chapped lips. From best-rated lip oil and lip cream to long-lasting tinted lip balm, discover Stylevana's range of lip oils from Korean beauty and Japanese beauty brands suitable for different skin types.

Lip Oil

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  1. A'PIEU - Honey & Milk Lip Oil
    Was €5.74 Price €4.19
  2. The Saem - Eco Soul Lip Oil - 6ml
    Was €8.28 Price €5.29
  3. PETITFEE - Super Seed Lip Oil - 3g
    Was €13.40 Price €6.99
  4. PETITFEE - Super Volume Lip Oil - 3g
    Was €10.22 Price €8.19
  5. MISSHA - Superfood Lip Oil
    Was €8.37 Price €6.69
  6. EXCEL - Nuance Gloss Oil - 2.2g
    Was €27.46 Price €25.89

11 Items

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