Promoting safe on skin and vegan skincare products, Korean beauty label BONAJOUR is founded upon the story of the founder who has been struggling with skin sensitivity for her whole life. Upholding the K-beauty brand’s belief in the power of nature, BONAJOUR tirelessly searches for quality natural ingredients and carefully selected the right ones from the beginning to the end product to create skincare products with high efficacy. With a commitment to being honest to its customers, BONAJOUR works with experts to study natural cosmetics and manufactures their skincare products in Korea, which are managed to meet KFDA standards. BONAJOUR’s skincare products are made with naturally derived ingredients to address and transform skin conditions of different skin types. Some of the BONAJOUR’s best-selling skincare products are the Green Tea Water Bomb, Green Tea Water Bomb Toner, Organic Jojoba Oil, and Mugwort Cream Calming Mask. Find the BONAJOUR skincare products that work for your skin at Stylevana today!


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  1. BONAJOUR - Green Tea Water Cream - 100ml
    Was €16.39 Price €12.29
  2. BONAJOUR - Peptide Water Cream - 100ml
    Was €16.39 Price €14.49
  3. BONAJOUR - Propolis Energy Toner - 205ml
    Was €18.45 Price €12.79

Showing 1-12 of 22 results

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