b:and project

A sister brand of make p:rem, b:and project is a Korean beauty brand that focuses on body care. Driven by a motto – ‘recharging for myself, with b:and project’, b:and project offers face and body cream, body lotion, and body wash that are vegan-friendly. b:and project’s body care products are made with a vegan formula that contains mild ingredients, which balance the skin’s pH level for a healthier result. The formulas are developed with TECA, an active ingredient found in wild Madagascarian centella asiatica, to help soothe the skin. Some of the formulas are also formulated with plant-derived ceramides to provide deep moisture to the skin; some of them include beta-sitosterol to protect the skin from external environmental aggressors. Some of the brand’s key products are the Vegan Comfort Body Wash, the Vegan Comfort Body Lotion, and the Vegan Comfort Face & Body Cream. Discover the body care offered by b:and project at Stylevana!

b:and project

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