Claiming itself as the everyday beauty essentials, MEILINDA devotes itself to creating an extensive collection of makeup products to complement different looks and suit different moods. Established in 2000, MEILINDA is a Thai makeup brand that creates quality makeup products and tests its products all around the world – from Germany and Italy to South Korea and Taiwan. Not limiting itself to developing makeup products for only Thai customers, MEILINDA instead develops its makeup products with different formulas in a variety of shades for different skin types and complexions. Known as being one of the first brands in Thailand to introduce quality false lashes, MEILINDA expands to offer many more makeup products – from eyeshadow and mascara to eyeliner and lip tint. Discover MEILINDA’s Into The Mood Eye Palette, Dramatic Volume & Curl Mascara, Wonder Waterproof Pen Liner, and Velvet Blending Matte Lip at Stylevana!


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  1. MEILINDA - Glow Up Skin Highlighter - 7g
    Was €15.83 Price €13.19
  2. MEILINDA - Layer Shading Powder - 7g
    Was €12.23 Price €10.39
  3. MEILINDA - Airy Rouge Matte Tint - 4.3g
    Was €15.83 Price €13.39
  4. MEILINDA - Fixing Ink Pen Liner - 0.65g
    Was €14.27 Price €12.19
  5. MEILINDA - Layer Lighting Up Powder - 7g
    Was €15.59 Price €12.99

9 Items

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