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Mandom is a Japanese label that is known for its hair care, skincare, perfumes and deodorants. With the J-beauty label success in many different aspects from hair care and grooming to skincare products, Mandom features a range of renowned labels focusing on different areas — Gatsby, Lucido-L, Bifesta, Barrier Repair and many more. Founded in 1978, Gatsby comprises a complete lineup of men's grooming that sets trends and styles. Introduced in 1993, Lucido-L is a hair care lineup that inspires young women to express themselves through unique hairstyles. Bifesta and Barrier Repair are skincare brands that offer convenient yet effective skin-benefiting products for today’s women. Mandom’s Barrier Repair masks, Lucido-L hair care products, Bifesta cleansing sheet, Gatsby hair styling gel are some of the signature products of the J-beauty brand. Explore the diversified product lineup of Mandom and find the ones that work for you at Stylevana today!


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  1. Mandom - Gatsby Moving Rubber - 80g
    Was €11.99 Price €9.59
  2. Mandom - Gatsby Moving Rubber - 15g
    Was €3.12 Price €2.59
  3. Mandom - Gatsby Hair Jam - 110ml
    Was €11.62 Price €5.79

Showing 1-12 of 142 results

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