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ADDICTION is an all-original cosmetic and skincare brand created to satisfy those in pursuit of their own style. Boasting a rich catalogue of beauty products, ADDICTION decodes makeup magic for every woman in every age with an easy-to-use, easy-to-choose, easy-to-gift range, such as the swoon-worthy ADDICTION eyeshadow palettes and 3CE lipstick collection featuring a wide range of stunning shades and finishes. From creating a casual-chic, everyday look to perfecting a luxed-up allure, you can achieve and experiment with different looks every day with statement-making ulzzang look with the best base makeup essentials such as the ADDICTION Perfect Covering Concealer. From eye makeup to lipsticks, ADDICTION boasts a rich variations in color and texture like never before that suit your mood for the day. Not to mention the simple, chic designs that are also highly portable, offering your makeup look a luxuriously high-quality finish in your own way to maximize your unique personality. Get "addicted" to Addiction and browse its range of makeup products at Stylevana now!


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  1. Addiction - The Eyeshadow Pearl - 1g
    Was €34.56 Price €28.80
  2. Addiction - The Blush Matte - 2.8g
    Was €59.94 Price €54.49
  3. Addiction - The Blush Nuancer - 2.8g
    Was €53.35 Price €46.39

3 Items

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