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Established in 2017, ROUND LAB is a Korean beauty brand that focuses on helping consumers alleviate daily fatigue and stress-worn skin through high-quality skin care products. ROUND LAB is on a constant search for fresh, raw materials to formulate the best Korean skincare products that will improve your skin conditions, regardless of skin type and age. Catering to different skincare needs, ROUND LAB launches different ROUND projects to spread and convey stories that go beyond skin-deep beauty through their unique skincare line. Each skincare project represents sentiments that are felt and shared among many people. The Dokdo series, featuring the 1025 Dokdo Toner, 1025 Cleanser, and the 1025 Dokdo Cream, is the first project launched by ROUND LAB with the hope to spread awareness about the Dokdo Incident happened in South Korea. With an increasing global following, ROUND LAB is committed to growing its Korean Beauty range that brings long-term benefits through meaning products.

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  1. Round Lab - 1025 Dokdo Toner
    Was €9.35 Price €8.49
  2. Round Lab - 1025 Dokdo Cleanser - 150ml
    Was €14.02 Price €12.69
  3. Round Lab - 1025 Dokdo Cream - 80ml
    Was €33.64 Price €19.89

Showing 1-12 of 84 results

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