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Founded and created with the belief in effective ingredients and respect for nature, CARE:NEL is a Korean beauty label taking its name from the Greek name ‘Karren’ — meaning pureness. With its products ranging from makeup to skincare, and hair care to body care, CARE:NEL sets about creating a K-beauty line-up that is carefully developed in Korea with natural ingredients utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver a skin- and mind-soothing experience. Creating its product collective with the consideration of people and nature, K-beauty label CARE:NEL prides its skincare, makeup, body care and hair care on an environmental-caring conscience by taking out artificial ingredients from its formulas and avoiding animal testing in its product development. Discover CARE:NEL’s skin-loving and body-loving products at Stylevana now — from its bestselling lip sleeping mask, skin-reviving aqua beauty toner to effective aqua night mask and many more.


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  1. CARE:NEL - Berry Lip Night Mask
    Was €4.10 Price €3.39
  2. CARE:NEL - Lime Lip Night Mask - 23g
    Was €12.50 Price €4.99
  3. CARE:NEL - Lime Lip Night Mask - 5g
    Was €4.10 Price €2.59
  4. CARE:NEL - AHA BHA Peeling Serum - 30ml
    Was €16.67 Price €10.09

Showing 1-12 of 27 results

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