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Synonymous with the idea of "tiny fairy" in French, K Beauty brand Petitfee finds its beauty calling in delivering the "clear, clean, and pure" qualities of a tiny fairy to your skin. Devoted to researching the best way to nurture one's natural beauty, the Korean skin care brand is specialized in curating and formulate specific ingredients and recipes to refine your Korean skin care routine. Petitfee's extensive skin care range has garnered rising popularity and love worldwide, thanks to its high-quality, rich-functioning eye patches collection. The Petitfee eye patch collection boasts a hypoallergenic formula featuring a vast library of unique and rare ingredients, such as pearl powder, colloidal gold, snail mucin, collagen, coenzymes Q10, ruby powder, EGF (epidermal growth factor), ginseng extract, green tea, and bamboo. Each Petitfee Hydrogel Eye Patch caters to different skin concerns based on individual preference, for example, the Petitfee Gold Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch has anti-aging benefits, while the Black Pearl Hydrogel Eye Patch boasts great hydrating power for dry skin.


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  1. PETITFEE - Dry Essence Foot Pack
    Was €3.99 Price €2.09
  2. PETITFEE - Oil Blossom Lip Mask
    Was €9.98 Price €8.09
  3. PETITFEE - Dry Essence Hand Pack
    Was €2.15 Price €1.99

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