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Developed in the 1970s, SK-II began with an age-old story where all elderly workers at a sake brewery appeared to have a wrinkled face but smooth, young-looking hands. Japanese scientists then discovered the power of fermented yeast, and took years of devoted research and experiment to extract the nutrient-rich, naturally derived ingredient Pitera™ to formulate anti-aging, skin-clearing recipes for their skincare products like SK-II eye cream and SK-II mask collection. The award-winning Japanese skincare brand SK-II strives to invent skincare products that will transform you into a true Japanese beauty with the SK-II essence as the signature product. Try the best-selling SK-II Facial Treatment Essence which contains over 90% Pitera™ that will enhance your skin's regeneration and make it appear more breathtakingly beautiful and crystal clear. It also promises to improve skin texture and radiance in 17 days. Explore SK-II's ever-expanding collection available at Stylevana for the best top-shelf Japanese beauty products!


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  1. SK-II - Facial Treatment Mask - 1 pc
    Was €15.47 Price €11.79
  2. SK-II - Skinpower Advanced Cream - 100g
    Was €207.56 Price €188.69
  3. SK-II - SKINPOWER Cream - 15g (3ea) Set
    Was €71.97 Price €57.49
  4. SK-II - SKINPOWER Cream - 15g (2ea) Set
    Was €47.98 Price €38.29
  5. SK-II - Skinpower Advanced Cream - 15g
    Was €26.39 Price €21.99
  6. SK-II - SKINPOWER Cream - 15g
    Was €23.99 Price €19.99

Showing 1-12 of 47 results

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