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Find all your favorite body scrubs with the Stylevana collection. From those day to day essentials through to pampering treats, you can find a variety of practical options from all your favorite Japanese and Korean body care brands. For everyday exfoliation, choose from a range of body scrubs, exfoliators, body gel scrubs, and body salt scrubs to reveal smoother, refreshing body. Body scrubs are considered a major indulgent treat when it comes to a full-body self-care treatment. It is a physical body exfoliator that helps slough away dull, dry skin to reveal a smoother décolletage and all-over radiance. You can explore all kinds of body scrubs featuring different ingredients, and a variety of luxurious pampering Japanese and Korean beauty products for your body care and showering routine. Self-care is a must, and Stylevana's collection of body care products offers you the very best body scrubs and skincare options.

Body Scrub & Exfoliants

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  1. lacvert - Body Exfoliator - 300ml
    Was €20.75 Price €11.69
  2. RiRe - Seasalt Scalp Scrub - 200g
    Was €19.08 Price €13.79
  3. Liberta - Bikinihime Scrub Cream - 35g
    Was €37.48 Price €32.09
  4. SalTherapy - Salty Body Scrub - 300g
    Was €16.07 Price €13.29

Showing 1-12 of 15 results

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