UCINE BEAUTY is a Korean beauty brand founded in 1993 whose name stands for Cosmetics Innovation No1 Enterprise. Clean beauty, cruelty free, and vegan friendly are deeply cherished by the brand. There are different popular products from UCINE BEAUTY such as Bubble Fairy For Body Home Spa Kit which can remove dead skin cells, impurities, and fine dust, while absorbing vitamin C and vegetable fermented extracts deep into the skin to make the skin clear and transparent, Hey Smile Clean Face that removes sebum, dead skin cells, make-up residue and skin waste without irritation as well as Life Energy Ampoule, which helps prevent wrinkles, anti-aging, whitening, energizing, and moisturizing the skin. Explore UCINE BEAUTY best seller collection here at Stylevana and introduce the best UCINE BEAUTY products to your daily routine for a healthy transformation.


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