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Designed for the modern, jet-setting lifestyle, Korean beauty brand THE BEAUTIFUL factr. sets out on a mission to bring comfort and a soothing experience to the restless lifestyle of modern women. THE BEAUTIFUL factr. advocates five beautiful life codes — fresh, cozy, surprise, joy, and relief — to address various lifestyles and needs for both your skin and daily mood. Behind the nerve-soothing brand philosophy, THE BEAUTIFUL factr. is backed by the brand’s patented ingredient from France — Skin Probiotic™. Skin Probiotic™ comprises probiotics, collagen, and ceramides that address the imbalance of the skin while stabilizing the skin and soothing skin issues. THE BEAUTIFUL factr. suggests a new derma formula of combining probiotic and prebiotic to balance skin asymmetry while strengthening the skin barrier. Try out THE BEAUTIFUL factr. - Water Gloss Cleansing Ampoule and THE BEAUTIFUL factr. - Water Shield Barrier Mask Pack by shopping at Stylevana today.


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