Founded in 2002, Soosul is a Korean skincare brand that focuses on herbal cosmetics – one of the brand’s key ingredients is the rare Sang Hwang mushroom. According to the brand, this mushroom is the first in the world to be certified for use as medicine in Korea. The Sang Hwang mushroom is renowned for its anti-acne, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, and brightening effect on the skin. Besides the brand’s signature mushroom ingredient, Soosul also creates its skincare products with Korean natural, organic herbal extracts to pamper different skin types. Soosul does not only create its skincare formulas with natural and organic ingredients, but it also makes sure its skincare products are developed with a cruelty-free process – so you do not need to worry if any animals suffer from the skincare you use. Some of the Soosul’s signature products are Whitening Sleeping Pack, Peeling Gel, and Ginseng Cream. Explore Soosul’s skincare products at Stylevana today!


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