SERUMKIND is a Korean skincare brand that preaches a simplistic lifestyle and a minimalist skincare routine. Believing ‘simple works best’, SERUMKIND is dedicated to creating an easy, efficient solution to address everyday skincare needs while tackling different skin conditions. Veering from the trending multi-step, multi-product skincare routine, SERUMKIND determines to create ideal, simple formulas that combine basic care like moisturizing and soothing with intensive treatment for individual skin issues. Claiming its skincare products are made for real lives, SERUMKIND offers their skincare products that can be used on their own or layered with each other to address individual needs. SERUMKIND’s skincare products are centered on four main ideas – scientifically formulated, clinically tested, toxic chemical-free, and simplistic. Some of SERUMKIND’s best-selling products are Black Blossom Hand Serum, Iceland Moss Drop, Black Blossom Drop, and Yellomello Drop. Explore SERUMKIND’s skincare lineup at Stylevana today!


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