LIRIKOS was established in 1992 in France and is now under one of the largest Korean beauty operations. LIRIKOS, a prestigious marine cosmetics brand that delivers the boundless vitality of the ocean, is dedicated to offering the essence of ocean vitality as a solution for beauty. LIRIKOS spent a century studying thalassotherapy (a French seawater therapy) in order to better understand the skin's underlying health and attractiveness. LIRIKOS researchers were inspired by thalassotherapy and undertook organized and scientific ocean research, successfully capturing substances from deep within the sea in cosmetics using unique bio-skin technology. For a long time, LIRIKOS has been committed to only one path: providing marine energy to the skin. Through the benefits that the seas provide, LIRIKOS assures clients healthy skin, beautiful skin, and comfortable peace of mind. Come and explore more products of LIRIKOS here at Stylevana!


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