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The motto of Kimjeongmoon-Aloe, which was created in 1976, was "True and Honest Practice." "True" implies "water that is straight and conscientious in response to universal truth," and "honest practice" denotes a move made with great trust and dignity, as well as a pioneering mentality. For the first time in 1975, Kimjeongmoon-Aloe pioneered the Korean health functional food market with Aloe and has been steadfastly executing the pioneering role of natural medicine in this land based on Chairman Kim Jung Moon's notion. Kim Jeong-mun Aloe has been delivering its customers’ various health functional foods, cosmetics, and health equipment based on their collected technology and reliability for the past 42 years. Let’s explore more bestselling products of Kimjeongmoon-Aloe here at Stylevana!


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