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“Keeping it gentle and simple”—Korean brand KEEP COOL swears by this beauty philosophy when it comes to formulating their skincare products. KEEP COOL aims to create ideal solutions that address different skin conditions and skin types, which is why all skincare products from this Korean brand is developed and designed by skincare specialists. Innovative technology and natural ingredients are the blueprints of all KEEP COOL skincare products. This Korean skincare brand focuses on creating skincare that could maintain our skin’s temperature at their optimal range by combining Korean and Chinese traditional medicinal extracts such as Scutellaria Vaicalensis, Lonicerae Flos, and Forsythia Fruit. With three different skincare lines under its belt — namely Soothe Line (calming), Ocean line (moisturizing), and Shine Line (brightening) — KEEP COOL strives to nurture and protect our skin from different skin conditions such as premature aging, inflammation, redness, and many more. Among all the bestselling Korean skincare products, KEEP COOL's Soothe Bamboo Toner and Ocean Intensive Hydrating Masks are the firm favorites among K-Beauty addicts. Explore this Korean brand with Stylevana.

keep cool

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