Launched as HONDO's first beauty brand, COSMETEA is inspired by tea cultures from around the world. Known as the world's first tea-based cosmetics brand, COSMETEA is a K Beauty label that imparts wisdom and pure beauty through ingredients using tea and helps you enhance your inner and outer beauty. Synonymous to a clean Kbeauty skin care brand, COSMETEA is established on the philosophy that tea serves as a source of calm and comfort for both your skin and mental being. Harnessing all the skin-loving benefits, tea is featured in a lot of Korean skincare product such as Korean sheet mask, Korean cosmetics, and other Korean face care products. COSMETEA sees this as an opportunity to centre their Kbeauty skin care products around tea as the essence of a nature-made ritual. Aspiring to become "tea for the skin", COSMETEA strives to use their expertise and know-how to integrate tea as a health-boosting essence for their products, such COSMETEA mask, COSMETEA Jelly Cleanser.


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