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Commleaf, a Korean beauty brand that aims for giving real relaxion to tired skin with valuable, effective and natural ingredients. The name Commleaf derived from two words --- comma and leaves. Comma represents relax and leaves represents nature, implicating our sincerity for nature and humanity. With its philosophy, Commleaf wishes to make safe skin care products everyone can use to maintain a healthier skin, targeting the five essential for skin; anti-wrinkle, firmness, brightening, oil and moisture balance, trouble. Products from Commleaf are made with nature-originated herbs, there is no animal testing and all products fulfill quality management standards to ensure that the products bring no harm to consumers. The bestselling products include Commleaf Rice Purifying Foaming Cleanser, Commleaf Surely Green 100 Face Oil, Commleaf Rose Blooming Mist, Commleaf Skin Relif Soothing Toner, Commleaf Skin Relief Moisture Serum, Commleaf Vitarice Moisture Cream, Commleaf Rose Moisture Pad. Create your Korean skin care routine with Commleaf's best skin care products. Explore their best beauty collection at Stylevana!


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