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Named after the White Cliffs of Dover which is known for its polished structure with captivating radiance, ALBION — meaning White Land — harnesses over 60 years of J-beauty wisdom in an extensive array of Japanese skincare products. Founded in 1956 with a mission to deliver impeccable skincare products responsive to the needs of customers, ALBION has become one of the leading premium Japanese skincare manufacturers. The J-beauty brand upholds its Japanese beauty-centric philosophy and distinguishes itself from the rest with quality product development, outstanding technologies, efficient human resource development and a carefully curated distribution network all over the world. From the reliable skin conditioner, to the powerful balancing milk, and trustworthy face essence, moisturizer and toner, ALBION’s skincare product collection goes beyond the boundary of conventional skincare routines to capture the essence of Japanese beauty and thinking, addressing various skin conditions of different skin types.


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