nug is a Korean skincare brand that is in its quest to create skincare products that can change one’s future. nug believes skincare will continue to develop and advance in the future; it could be more ingredients and formulations being discovered and developed, the skincare standards for our skin evolving, and new tools being introduced. While imaging to welcome such future scenarios, nug looks into nature and relentlessly experiments the skincare formulas with creative research – in hope of finding the skincare solution to pamper one’s skin and change one’s future. Instead of combining different ingredients in one skincare product, nug focuses on the benefits of one ingredient at a time, providing the original benefits of the ingredient to the skin. Some of nug’s bestsellers are Original Tea Tree, Original Centella Asiatica, Original EGF, and Original Bifida-F. Revive your skin and explore nug’s skincare products at Stylevana today!


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