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Creating a clear, healthy and flawless skin that looks pretty and natural even with only BB cream by using the products of ALIVE:LAB. This K beauty brand offers varied 100% made-in Korea best skin care products and some makeup items made from natural ingredients, these ingredients are outstanding in skin improvement, helps effectively building a flawless skin. By using those natural ingredients, ALIVE:LAB wishes to ensure that all products are well-suited for sensitive skin users as well and protect their skin as a smooth and pure skin. The best sellers of ALIVE:LAB include ALIVE:LAB Centella Dressing Powder, ALIVE:LAB Cotton Candy Ball, ALIVE:LAB Multi Ice Cream, ALIVE:LAB Aqua Fairy Ampoule and ALIVE:LAB Candy Ink BB. Discover more best skincare products from ALIVE:LAB at stylevana.


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