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Launched in 2007, EGLIPS is known for its vibrant and trendy makeup products that embody an irresistible, youthful charm. This cruelty-free Korean brand offers a wide range of Korean makeup products that is well-known for its cute, reasonable, high-quality makeup products. EGLIPS represents a symbol of feminine allure and playfulness that encourages girls to find their own color and own their unique sparkle like a proud badge of honor. With a growing category of cute-looking Korean cosmetics products, EGLIPS makeup collection brings a chic-meets-cosmetic uplift to your glam routines through its lipsticks, eyeliner, cheek blusher and powder collection. Boasting a variety of stunningly playful shades and vibrant colors, EGLIPS has become every girl's favorite K Beauty combo for the perfect girly look. Dive into the dreamy EGLIPS lipstick line-up to get the perfect seasonal look with bestsellers such as Velvet Fit Tint, Water Glaze Tint, and the Blur Powder Pact.


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