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Discover strong hold hair wax and hair gel to create different trendsetting hairstyles for the best and brightest looks of the season. Whether you want short hairstyles or a simple hairstyle to go with your everyday ensemble, hair wax has become a styling staple to make your hair look fresh and fabulous. Stylevana offers a vast library of affordable hair products from leading Korean beauty brands and Japanese beauty brands to help you pull off the best hairstyles. Whether you're going for the sexy disheveled look, or a cleaner, polished style, hair wax will help you keep every hair in place. Stylevana has curated the best hair products and brands in the world for healthy hair in your hair care and hairstyling routine, including hair products and hair gel to protect dry, damaged hair or to prevent oily scalp—so you're guaranteed a good hair day.

Hair Wax

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  1. Shiseido - UNO Ex Hard Wax (1x36) - 80g
    Was €16.67 Price €13.89
  2. Kracie - Ichikami Hair Stick - 13g
    Was €10.56 Price €7.69
  3. Mandom - Gatsby Moving Rubber - 80g
    Was €12.12 Price €9.49
  4. Mandom - Gatsby Moving Rubber - 15g
    Was €3.74 Price €2.89
  5. Mandom - Lucido Hair Wax - 80g
    Was €11.99 Price €9.49
  6. Mandom - Lucido-L Hair Wax - 60g
    Was €8.87 Price €7.09
  7. Mandom - Gatsby Styling Grease - 100g
    Was €12.71 Price €10.39

Showing 1-12 of 45 results

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