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YUMEI, a skin care and cosmetic brand formulating its product lines all with natural ingredients, has founded since 1998. YUMEI has a constant and meticulous selection of precious ingredients to reach the needs of the skin. YUMEI beauty products strengthen the protective skin barrier layer by layer from the surface to the bottom to purify, activate and revitalize the skin in an all-round way. Combining a wide range of skin care products with different effects, it integrates functions, like whitening, moisturizing, rejuvenating and deep cleansing, to achieve a comprehensive and efficient skin repair. YUMEI also promotes skin care series, such as 'Caviar Ultra', 'Oxidation Resistance' and 'CAVIAR plus PDRN'. So far, some top-selling items are 'YUMEI Sunscreen Spray SPF50+ PA++++', 'Water Glow Skin Renewal Facial Mask', 'Anti-Puffiness & Dark Circles B-Tox Eye Treatment' and 'Forever Young Face Essence'. Check out more YUMEI at Stylevana!


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