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Yuhada is a Korean skincare label, where its name means “soft, gentle and mild” in Korean. As the Korean skincare label’s name suggested, Yuhada is all about its effective skincare product lineups that are gentle on all skin types. Yuhada’s skincare products are known for their effectiveness in hydrating and soothing the skin. With all its products made in Korea, the Korean label also prides itself on its gentle baby care product collective, which is developed with a patented, EWG-verified nature derivative complex. Yuhada’s baby care products feature the pink magic power (the nature-derived calamine powder), the patented complex comprising 7 kinds of nature derivatives, and the pink flower complex with no fragrance to provide gentle care to the delicate, sensitive baby skin. Some of the Yuhada’s bestselling products are YUHADA - Bebe Face & Body Wash, YUHADA - Bebe Moist Cream, YUHADA - Renewal Boost Elasticity Ampoule, and YUHADA - Gold Pepta Hydrogel Eye Patch. Get Yuhada’s products now at Stylevana!


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